Divorce: Its Causes and Impact


No one marries with a plan to divorce, but it happens anyway for many of them. Last year, 7,623 marriages in Singapore ended in divorce, the highest in 20 years. How do we stop this trend or at least slow it down?about:blankFacebook URL

Final Thoughts

Divorce is not just a personal matter. It is not even just a matter between two people. It is a social problem because it leads to the disintegration of families raising healthy and happy individuals in future.

There are thousands of websites that tell divorcing parents how they can make divorce easier on their kids. That’s useful but do you realize that the damage has already been done? The parents may have just decided to get divorced but their marriage has been on the rocks for years prior to that. Daily quarrels and fights traumatise children, creating fear and anxiety in them. This is a form of child abuse, like it or not.

Assuming that a child is involved in every divorce, we now have an additional 7,623 children of divorce in our nation, a majority of them sad, scared, fatherless and scarred for life.

Divorce is like two parents in an airplane with their child. When they learn that the plane is doomed and is about to crash, they grab the two remaining parachutes and strap them on their backs. And just as they are about to jump out of the plane, they turn to their child and say, “You’re going to be okay, honey.”

Preserve your marriage and protect your child.

Learn how to have a satisfying and lasting marriage, learn the seven principles for making marriage work. Go to fathers.com.sg/7pp and sign up for the workshop today. I look forward to seeing you there.

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