20 Years Later

Imagine that you have bought a brand new house. You also have had it fully decorated and furnished. Then, as soon as it is ready, you leave for another country. Meanwhile, the brand new house stands unoccupied. What do you think you will see when you return twenty years later?

According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, a system (in this case the house) will be in the process of entropy (or decay) if no energy is applied to it (in terms of maintenance and repair). The same law applies to marriage.

Before becoming husband and wife, a couple were friends. During their courtship, each would be very interested in discovering more and more about the other. It is not uncommon for couples to take their friendship for granted when they are married. Then, even their marriage is placed on the back burner when they become parents. By the time the children are grown, more than twenty years later, the marriage would have been irreparably decayed. Is this why the second highest rate of divorce in Singapore happens among those marriage 20 years and more? Undoubtedly, their marriages ended much earlier than that.

Do not neglect your marriage. Small things done often can make a big difference. Complete the form below if you wish to learn what the ‘small things’ are.

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